Motto And Insignia

The Insignia is in the form of two complete Rounds having School’s name within the circles, Swastik, Book in the middle and the Motto “Serve The Nation”.
The circle symbolizes perfection, which we endeavour our students to achieve in academics, co-curricular, sports, sanskar, obligations towards the Society and overall duty towards our Nation.
Swastik symbolizes to imbibe in them spiritual, heritage, cultural values and inculcate in them a spirit of Samparak, Sehyog, Sanskar, Sewa and Samarpan so that they become a responsible citizen of our Country.
Our Motto “Serve the Nation”: We believe that NATION should be first priority of every citizen. Our whole hearted endeavour will be, to instill in the burgeoning citizens a spirit of Nationalism irrespective of cast, creed and color.