Our Inspiration

Lala Hans Raj Aggarwal Ji

It was the dream of the great visionary, lala Hans Raj ji Aggarwal, a self made man, who lost his parents & Guardians before entering his teens, struggled for his life, worked hard and earned name and fame in the city of Gurdaspur. He was a very truthful, fearless, straight forward and kind hearted person. He was a man of action and there was no split in his words and action. He was not able to complete his primary studies and had to struggle to earn his livelihood, who later became a very successful businessman. He was competent and master in reading, writing and understanding Urdu. 

Lala HansRaj Aggarwal Ji

Besides he could also read Hindi, English and Punjabi. He had full faith in astrology. He read many books in astrology, the effect of stars, planets, nakshatra and rashies on human life, weather and rise/fall in prices of commodities. He experienced in his life, did research work and wrote many books on impact of stars on life, weather and commodities. He was master mind of accounts and his business of brick kilns, especially the system of combustion and firing practices in brick kilns and developed new techniques for better and cost effective firing practices.

He was nationalist, who fought for the independence of Mother India and had a full faith in philosophy and ideology of Sanatan Dharma and the Almighty GOD, who has given him courage and confidence due to which he attained a respectful position in the Society. He always motivated and inspired his children to be kind hearted, truthful, generous, helpful to poor and needy, honest, faithful and dedicated towards NATION.