Motto And Insignia

A Long cherished dream comes true!!! Another milestone in the history of H.R.A. International School, auspicious moment of launching the official website swells my heart with pride & joy.
It is our objective to use the website as communication tool to keep students, parents, teachers and others informed about happenings at H.R.A. International School. The website will remove the barrier between parents and school, keep them updated about school programs, exams, curricular, co-curricular activities, functions and events and become well versed with the education system of their children. It will be our endeavor to have pertinent information about the various aspects of school life posted/pasted and updated on the site.

Our Principal

We have a vision of excellence for all our programs. We are committed to make a difference & deliver in our overall vision of providing a high quality, reliant & culturally censor education. Commitment to enhance the flow of information and effective communication, feedback for improvement is a necessity. Please feel free to make comments you deem appropriate. We are eager to seek parent’s inputs on all matters related to their children. By working together we can ensure that our students are successful, productive and happy at school.
Thanks to worthy Chairman Sh. Hira Mani Aggarwal, Members of the Management, Committee, Parents and Teachers for their continued support.
Welcome to our newly launched website.