Chairman's Message

"Thoughts are concretized through words – Words makes the thoughts eternal"

Chariman desk

HRA International School, Gurdaspur is set up to pay HOMAGE to the great soul in whose sacred memory the Institution has been set up, who is no other but Lala Hans Raj ji Aggarwal. This is just a small efort to realize his dreams and vision i.e. to cultivate and imbibe the national and human values in the burgeoning children so that they may prove an asset to their parents, society and the Nation. He was a great lover of children and always wished that they must bloom and spread fragrance to beautify the orchard of life.

I would like to give a glimpse of my father’s journey of life. Shri Hans Raj Aggarwal son of Sh. Dulo Shah was born on 14th August midnight at Dina Nagar, tehsil and district Gurdaspur. He had very humble beginning but by the dint of hard work, sincerity and honesty, he achieved a prominent place in the society. He was a man of action and there was no split in his words and action. For him work was worship. Though he had to do many odd jobs yet he with his vision and dedication achieved iconic success and proved that it is the man and his attitude that makes a man great. In other words, he believed in the dignity of labour.

He was married to Smt. Sumitra Devi, a religious, homely and a social lady who worked for the society as member of The Red Cross Society, Hospital Welfare Section and Ladies Club. They were an ideal couple who contributed to the well grooming and well being of their children. I personally believe that Mother is the incarnation of GOD on this Earth. It is in the laps of Mother and her divine guidance that one starts the journey of life and proceeds but unfortunately I lost my mother at very tender age. It was a great loss for me, the pains of which I still feels. But my Father always stood by me and did not let me ever feel the absence of my beloved Mother. Thus I spent most of my time in the company of my Father, my Mentor.

He was actually an institution in himself and particularly an ideal for me to follow. I learnt the lesson of Honesty and Truth as he always stood for these virtues. He had the courage enough to call a spade a spade though many a times he earned the acrimony of his friends. He disliked hypocrisy and phycophancy.
The Motto of H.R.A. International School “Serve the Nation” also reminds his inspiration. He always encouraged us to serve the Nation by rendering sincerest services and by discharging our constitutional duties for the progress and prosperity of our Nation INDIA. We are endeavoring to inculcate the National spirit and sense of sacrifice among our students not by percept but by example. For this purpose all the National Days, Birth Anniversaries, Martyrdom Days and Guruparv are celebrated in the School with full zeal and proper decorum.

It is rightly said that Time and experience is a great Teacher provided one learns from it. My Father did not possess any academic degree but he made an in-depth study of theology and astrology and extracted formulae and applied them to prove it. He has written many Books out of his study and experiences.
We are committed to all round development of your child. We aim to inculcate high ethical, moral and human values together with Excellency in academics & careers.

Wishing Our Students